Adding extra living space to your home or simply renovating the existing layout can dramatically improve comfort, functionality, and enjoyment of everyday life for you and your family, as well as add significant value to your property. Compared to the alternative of buying an existing home,  building your home can save you thousands of dollars in realtor fees, lawyer fees, land transfer taxes, and other moving costs, and you’ll get the opportunity to truly customize a new space to suit your family’s every need.

Moving through the design and planning stages for a major home project and watching the ideas come to life with the help of our skilled team can be such an exciting process!  Rivard Bros. Ltd is here to help you find the most efficient way to create or alter a space that will meet your needs, or enhance the appearance and style of your home. Through working so closely with one another, usually over a period of several months, we are able to develop a special bond with our clients, and that is one of the most gratifying aspects of our job.  Choosing a contractor to help you make the right decisions and execute the project successfully is the first and most important decision you will make in the entire process.

Rivard Bros. Ltd recognizes that building or altering your home is a big decision and you need someone who understands your wants and needs in order to translate your vision into reality. We also understand that you need someone to put you at ease and assure you that you will get results you will be thrilled with for years to come. We are confident in our ability to do just that.